Onego shipbuilding yard has its own engineering service, project designing department and workshops neccessary for hull fabrication. The yard is certified by Russian Marine Shipping Register. The workshops are equipped with the modern machinery and instruments.There is also a slipway G300, allowing to lift ships of light mass up to 2100 t, length up 140 m and breadth up to 16,5 m. Capacities of the slipway provide the arrangement of four large-capacity vessels simultaneounsly.The slipway is equipped with two cranes KSK32 and KSK30. The dockside crane of weight capacity 27 t is mounted on the concrete fitting-out with length of 200 m.

Preliminary preparation of sheet plate, namely blasting treatment and priming, is done by an iron shot missile set,  automatic paint cabinet and hot air dryer.Two modern plasma cutting machines are intended for sheet cutting.

The latest European technologies of welding and assemly are used in hull fabrication.Among them? there is a semi-automatic welding of sections and units in active gas (CO2), a flux-cored welding, a semi-automatic welding with use of ceramic linings, a combined welding, i.e. combination of semi-automatic welding in active gas (CO2) and flux automatic welding. The quality of welds is tested by the technical control department with the use of non-destructive methods.

Onego Shipyard pays a great attention to the personnel policy.In cooperation with the professional colleges of Petrozavodsk the shipyard is carrying out the traning of young people, who then have a practice at the yard and working skill under the supervision of yard`s specialists.