JSC "Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant" took part in the annual All-Russian campaign "Week without turnstiles"

may 2022
JSC "Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant" took part in the annual All-Russian action "Week without turnstiles".

The action "Week without turnstiles" has been held by the Union of Machine Builders of Russia since 2015 twice a year: every third week of April and October. Career guidance activities are aimed at increasing young people's interest in engineering and technical specialties, forming a system of early professional orientation, increasing the personnel potential of the enterprise. The purpose of the guided tours is to introduce high school students to the work of the enterprise, to tell about the most popular specialties in the field of shipbuilding.

This year, the company was visited by more than two hundred high school students of Karelian schools and students of secondary vocational educational institutions of Petrozavodsk.

The specialists of the shipyard told the guys about the history and present day of the shipyard, the features of mechanical, electrical and hull production.
Boys and girls learned about the upcoming expansion of production and an increase in the number of jobs at the Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair plant, about what specialists are needed at the enterprise. These are metal ship hull assemblers, ship pipeliners, ship fitters, IT specialists, designers, engineers. Training in these specialties is organized at Petrozavodsk Motor Transport College, St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University, Siberian State University of Water Transport, Admiral S. O. Makarov State University of Marine and River Fleet. On an ongoing basis, an industrial practice is organized at the enterprise for students of these educational institutions.

We hope that in the near future some of the guys who visited our company will link their fate with the shipbuilding industry.