Quality system

  • The company has a quality system in accordance with the standard of the enterprise STP No. 970-024.
  • The quality of the welds is checked by a non-destructive testing method by our own certified laboratory of the OTC.
  • The factory laboratory is certified by RS.

Certificates of recognition of the laboratory

Св-во РРР от 20.04.2021 № 132603 о признании лаборатории до 20.04.2023

Certificate of RRR dated
20.04.2021 No. 132603 on the
recognition of the laboratory
until 20.04.2023.pdf

Св-во о признании Испытательной лаборатории РМРС от 20.02.2021

Certificate of recognition
of the RMRS Testing
Laboratory dated

on Compliance
with the RRR (SUB)
dated 22.04.2019.pdf

Certificate of RRR dated
17.04.2019 on the recognition of
the testing laboratory of the OTC

Certificate of recognition
of RMRS of the OT
laboratory until 07.2023

of conformity of
the enterprise.pdf